1 februari 2018

Chris Obdam – Betty Blocks

Born as a programmer but grew up as an entrepreneur. Started as a classic startup in our parents garage together with my brother Tim. Grew into the current globally active Betty Blocks which employs >110 people.
Betty Blocks is rapid application development platform in the cloud. We make app building available to people without coding skills. Software is all around, make sure you are able to develop it yourself. Give Betty Blocks a try and let me know what you think.
At Betty Blocks we like to work hard, and have fun while doing so. Wanne feel the vibe? Come and have look! If you got the goods, we got the job.
People know me as a pragmatic (and a bit impatience) person. I believe strongly in new professionals skills like GTD and focus in today’s information age. There is so much too improve in the way we work! I am also a true Apple Fanatic btw, persuade lots of people to switch from the dark side of the force.